Versatile judicial building in Lille

Steel and welded mesh for complex building object


Eiffage Construction is building a justice building in Lille that is intended to unite the past, present and future and is relying on SOTRALENTZ
CONSTRUCTION. The future-oriented building is to be constructed on the site of the former Vauban fortifications and completed by 2025.

The new building, commissioned by the Ministry of Justice, will house the High Court and the District Court of Lille. SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is supplying 1,300 tonnes of steel for the complex justice building. Between October and December 2022, 440 tonnes of welded mesh and spacers for the floor slabs have already been delivered. Currently, 860 tonnes of welded mats for the floors of the storeys will follow by October 2023.

The architects OMA from Rotterdam did not plan a classic courthouse: A large entrance area literally draws passers-by into the building. The inner centre is formed by another geometric figure: it is designed as a triangle with a light-flooded atrium as its centre. A light interior and exposed concrete create a light, neutral atmosphere. While the base will house the 11 large main courtrooms, the 61 smaller courtrooms are concentrated in the triangular structure. The hexagon is intended for offices and administrative rooms – they surround or overhang the zones of jurisdiction as a protective and at the same time elegant ring.