Special welded wire mesh

Special and optimized wire meshes SOTRALENTZ Construction

Panels of special welded wire meshes and optimized as required, are adapted to the constraints of your sites with in-depth design studies carried out by our Design Office:

– 15 to 20 % savings in weight for standard building structures.
– Resulting saving of installation time (less cut-outs, cuttings, etc.)
– Customised product based on site constraints: panel dimensions, hand portable panels, compliance with characteristics of implementation, etc.
– Complete and detailed design of the reinforcements by our Design Office in close collaboration with the Structures technical research department and the site.
– Making layout plans.

Varied fields of application

For the building

Reinforcement of floors cast-in-place or with pre-slab for on-site pre-fabrication, raft foundation, ground slabs, “mushroom” floors
Reinforcement of shear walls
– Miscellaneous parts of the structure: pre-slab joints, flooring joints, vertical and horizontal wall ties, ends of shear walls, ridge caps

For civil works

Raft foundations and shear walls of the purifying stations
Retaining walls, moulded walls
Railway and tramway platforms
Gabions, earth berm supports, landscaped features in galvanised welded meshes
– Corridors and frames of underground passages
– Structural works

For pre-fabrication factories

Retaining walls in T or in L
Pre-slabs and pre-walls
Cladding panels in reinforced concrete
Tubing trays and raceways
Slides in reinforced concrete
Prefabricated garages

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More information about the assembly of special wire meshes