Coils and bars


Different steel grades and profiles:

High Adherence (HA) Ribbed steel, with lock: B500A
High Adherence (HA) Ribbed steel, with pattern: B500A
Smooth (L): B500A
Soft (X): B500A

2 profiles of ribbed steel are available:

Lock: KARI, certified AFCAB NF A 35-080-1 (France)
Pattern: KARI P, certified AFCAB NF A 35-080-1

Steel in coils

Diameter of wires from ø 5.0 to ø 12.0.

The packaging can be suited to your production tool, with theoretical unit weight ranging from 1 to 5 tonnes and variable external diameter and height of the coil.
For diameters of wires from ø 6 to ø 12 mm, our steel is certified as “Straightening after folding” (AFCAB PE04 procedure), for making continuity boxes, for example.


Conical coils for easy unwinding
Due to their conical shape, these coils are easy to unwind on the frame clamps or the cutting tables, by reducing the risks of forming “knots”: a renowned quality on use by the reinforcing steel erectors.

Steel in bars

Bars in length

– from 0.50 to 14.00 metres
– “Prefabrication” tolerance: +0/-2mm
– “Construction site” tolerance: +0/-10 mm

Bars in stock – concrete reinforcing bars

Length: 6 m

More information about our certifications