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SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION: manufacturer of standard and special wire meshes

Spin-off from the metallurgy branch of the Group, SOTRALENTZ Construction is today one of the major players in the field of large size and customized welded meshes: welded meshes in stock or special, coils and bars, formwork panels, armature cages, voussoirs, etc.

Some figures

160 employees.
Site at Drulingen (France).


It was in 1964 that the company SOTRAL (Société de Treillis Soudés d’Alsace) came into existence, thus developing the traditional company activity of heavy metal work. The company, which was managed by Jean Lentz, was the first company in France to make welded wire mesh, in the middle of the construction boom and the increasing use of reinforced concrete.

The production buildings continued to expand. Under its dynamic and ambitious director, the company also built housing for its personnel, using what it produced: wire works for concrete prefabrication. Wire mesh, a new reinforcement, is required in the field of construction and SOTRAL soon became a leading company in this constantly changing market.

In 1970, the companies Lentz (Heavy metal work) and SOTRAL merged to form SOTRALENTZ. In 2016 the SÜLZLE Group took over the part of SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION.

The SÜLZLE Group

Headquarter: Rosenfeld, Baden-Württemberg (Germany).
1.000 employees.
27 sites in 2 countries of Europe.
Founded in 1880.
More Information www.suelzle-gruppe.com