Welded wire mesh assembly

Assembly of special wire meshes

Our know-how with regard to reinforcements enables us to offer technical, industrial and economic solutions suitable for the design and assembly of armature cages and manufacture of voussoirs, mainly based on the use of special welded wire meshes.

Fields of application

– Tunnel voussoirs
– Bridge voussoirs
– Other pre-fabricated items

Manufacture of armature cages

2 manufacturing processes of armature cages
One industrial solution for the manufacture of tunnel voussoir armature cages, based on the use of special welded wire meshes.
The armature cages can be designed in 2 ways:
– “Traditional” process, welded wire-mesh / cut-shaped mix
– “welded wire-mesh / curved scales” process, 100 % automated

“Welded wire-mesh / curved scales” a recognised manufacturing process

The “welded wire-mesh / curved scales” process consists of assembling intrados and extrados panels connected by the curved and straight hoops.

This solution, fine tuned over 10 years ago, is recognised and offers numerous advantages:
– Industrial precision: tolerances of 5 mm
– High rhythm of production and assembly
– Labour for assembly optimised
– Increased rigidity of cages
– Resistance to shear of welds from 50 to 70 % of the elastic limit

Armatures of voussoirs and other structures

Welded wire-mesh linked to the cut-shaped process offers multiple assembling options. From simple shapes to the most complex shapes, with each pre-fabricated or cast-in-site structure that is repetitive to some extent, can find an industrial solution for reinforcements.

Multiple services, suited to the limitations of your construction sites

– Service delivery: technical support for design and implementation of structures in start-up phase
– Partial service delivery for the supply of sub-items
– Full service delivery with the assembly of armature cages

Miscellaneous applications

– Bridge voussoirs
– Frames of technical corridors
– Covered trenches
– Highway separators

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