Sotralentz quality policy

Quality policy

Since its creation, the company SOTRALENTZ Construction has cultivated the values of quality and know-how, which have been transmitted from generation to generation. This tradition has enabled it to develop a true quality policy within each subsidiary over the years.

Product certifications

– France: AFCAB
– Germany: DIN 488 and DIN 17660
– Switzerland: SIA 262
– Netherlands: KOMO
– Belgium: BENOR

Traceability of steels

On account of using a fabrication process that has been thoroughly researched, our optimised welded meshes provide full traceability, from their fabrication in the iron and steel plant up to their dispatch. Thus, our Quality department can provide the following information on demand:

– Chemical characteristics of steel (carbon content, etc.)
– Mechanical characteristics of steel (elastic limit, elongation, etc.)
– Geometric and physical characteristics (linear weight, shape, etc.)
– Resistance to the shear of welds