Water retention basin for Stradal

Water retention basin for Stradal

90 tons of list mats for the “Melbourne” construction site

The STRADAL company in Migennes turned to SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION in January 2020 with confidence to find the most economical solution for the production of 200 large steel parts. The steel parts were needed for the construction of a water retention basin, which is used for flood control. The basin of the municipality of Tourcoing in Northern France has a capacity of an impressive 20,000 m³.
For a basin of this size, exceptionally large parts were needed. These were made from cut reinforcing steel parts that were bent and then welded together. In order to be able to manufacture the complex one-off products in accordance with the customer’s wishes, SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION drew up a solution proposal that included a series of sub-elements consisting of list mats.
The special feature of this design was the idea of an arch that also served as a spacer. In order to optimise the transport costs of the bulky parts, it was decided together with the customer to carry out the bending as well as the assembly of the individual parts on site. A total of around 90 tons of list mats were delivered to the “Melbourne” construction site in January 2020, including both straight and bent bars.

Facts and figures about the project:



90 Tonnen

list mats

Januar 2020

delivery date

Location of the reference project “Water retention basin for Stradal”


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