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Guanaré Forest

Reforestation to store CO₂ from the atmosphere in Uruguay

As a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate, SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is offsetting its CO₂ emissions with the support of the “Guanare Forest Plantations” project in Uruguay, among others.

The project includes a total of 21,298 hectares of land, previously grazed by beef cattle, on which forest plantations were established to produce high-quality, durable wood products and to store large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The forests are mainly based on Eucalyptus grandis plantations in 22-year rotations, which are managed with pruning and two to three thinning operations to obtain large diameter logs suitable for sawing and veneering.

The practices are compatible with the FSC standard for sustainable forest management. Planted forests remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in various carbon pools (above-ground and underground biomass, soil, litter, non-tree vegetation, dead wood and harvested wood products).

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The project data at a glance:


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Verified Carbon Standard

Contribution to the goals for sustainable development

It is expected that the Guanaré project will create nearly 1,000 new jobs, thereby helping to reduce rural poverty.

The Guanaré Project helps to create high-quality and stable jobs in a region of Uruguay with a high level of poverty.

Compared to the previous livestock farming, there is an increase in employment opportunities for women in areas such as tree nurseries, planting, pruning and others. This can help to improve the stability of families in the countryside.

The gross value of production per unit area will increase 6 to 8 times compared to the previous extensive livestock farming, which will trigger an increase in demand for various services.

The project activity contributes to reducing the phenomenon of population migration from the project area to urban and other areas of the country. The phenomenon of migration from rural areas is one of the main causes of the main social problems in the country.

The project serves to store large quantities of carbon dioxide. It is expected that the reforestation will bind a total of 7,644,96 tons of CO2 equivalent over the life of the project.

The forest plantations serve to preserve areas with a high biodiversity.

Location of the project:

Guanaré Forest Plantations
Province Cerro Largo

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