Stock welded wire mesh

Standard wire mesh and products SOTRALENTZ Construction

Manufacturer of welded meshes, SOTRALENTZ Construction offers a wide range of products available in stock, for all your reinforced concrete:

– “ADETS” standard welded wire-meshes
– Concrete reinforcing bars /bars in stock
– Spacers of welded wire-meshes
– Do-it-yourself welded wire-meshes
– Screen/Panels tile setter

For your depots and construction sites, SOTRALENTZ Construction ensures you deliveries of full 25-tonne trucks, in France and in Europe at the earliest, due to permanent stock and flexible and effective logistics.

ADETS standard welded meshes: selection of quality

The “ADETS” standards welded meshes are designed for the rational and economical reinforcement of all types of engineering works in reinforced concrete. They follow the calculation rules of Limit State Design for Reinforced Concrete (BAEL), DTU AND Eurocodes. They are NF-Acier certified by AFCAB, certifying body authorized by AFNOR.

They are available in stock and divided into two families:

– 5 “Anti-cracking” meshes (NF A 35-024 standard)
– 13 “Structural” meshes (NF A 36-080-2 standard)

SOTRALENTZ Construction standard products

Bars in stock / concrete reinforcing bars

High Adherence (HA) steel in bars, certified AFCAB NF A 35-080-1 (France)
Characteristics: bolted rod of HORI RK make
Length: 6 m

“DU” type welded mesh spacers

Practical and effective, the welded mesh spacers allow superposing several layers and optimising the covering of the welded mesh by concrete.
Characteristics: 1 meter of spacers for 1 m² of mesh used for flooring and ground slabs
Length of an item: 2 m

Do-it-yourself welded meshes

They are used in building reinforced concrete structures that do not bear any load, such as the garden terraces, screed stiffeners to prevent cracks, fish ponds, etc.
– Handling by a single person (hand portable)
– Quick to install

Tile setter wire netting / panels

The tile setter wire netting, in rolls or as panels, is the ideal solution to prevent any risk of cracking in your screed. The wires have a minimum tensile strength of 700 N/m².
– Flexible to use, easy to install
– Sturdy

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