Le Coq Vert

Le Coq Vert

SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is an active member of the organization “Le Coq Vert”.

Created in collaboration with ADEME and the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the “Le Coq Vert” community aims to create a collective emulation in favor of the ecological transition.

It offers its members a set of concrete tools to promote the exchange of best practices, highlight its members’ initiatives and, more generally, accelerate their environmental and energy transition.

For membership, a company must demonstrate either that it has started its ecological transition (through the ADEME support, the Bpifrance support for ecological transition or a specific label defined by the ADEME and the MTE) or that it offers a solution to accelerate the transition of the economic fabric (including renewable energy production).

Le Coq Vert manifesto (french)