Segment reinforcement for tunnel project

Third metro line for Toulouse


After the first metro line was opened in 1993 and the second in 2007, Line C is due to follow in 2028. It will directly serve the west, north, east and south-east of the Toulouse conurbation, in the municipalities of Colomiers, Blagnac, Toulouse and Labège. The length of this line is around 27 kilometres. It runs mostly underground and includes a viaduct at its southern end. The line will have 21 stations (17 underground and 4 above ground) and 18 underground auxiliary structures will be built for its operation. The tunnel will be built using tunnel boring machines, which will excavate the ground and install a reinforced concrete lining to prevent deformation and subsidence of the ground.

SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is working in partnership with the precast concrete plant NGE GENIE CIVIL to supply around 500 tonnes of reinforcement cages for the segments of Line C Lots 1 & 2. Deliveries began in February 2024 and will continue until the end of 2025.