SÜLZLE Group team wins this year’s SÜLZLE Cup

Two teams of the SÜLZLE Group convince at the company tournament


As part of the 6th TSG Experience Day of TSG Balingen, the SÜLZLE Cup for companies and authorities took place. A total of 12 teams had registered for the tournament. Among them were two teams from the SÜLZLE Group.
The French team (in white) from SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION narrowly failed to make it into the semifinals and ended up in third place in the group stage.
The second team of the SÜLZLE Group (in blue) reached 2nd place in the group phase and thus qualified for the semi-finals. There, the footballers narrowly defeated the team from Meinlschmidt Raumkonzepte 3:2. In the final, the boys then made the tournament victory against Azzurri Mikron Tool (5:3) perfect.

More information can be found on the TSG Balingen website.