Core piece of the Pforzheim west tangent

Hand in hand through the Arlinger Tunnel


SÜLZLE Stahlpartner Pforzheim, SÜLZLE Armierungstechnik and SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION are moving the Arlinger Tunnel forward block by block. The ARGE Arlinger Tunnel consortium, consisting of the companies ÖSTU-STETTIN, JÄGER BAU, REIF and GRÖTZ, is responsible for the completion of the Pforzheim construction project on behalf of the Karlsruhe Regional Council.

At the end of 2023, traffic should be flowing between the A8 and the Enz Valley. This requires concreting from the invert to the vault in the 1,350-meter-long tube. The tunnel vault will be reinforced with steel and then concreted using special tunnel formwork carriages. The laying work will be carried out by SÜLZLE Reinforcement Technology. About 2,000 tons of reinforcing steel from Pforzheim and 2,000 tons of list mats from SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION will be used for the entire tunnel construction. From the north, the invert has already been concreted. Continuing to the south, the formwork carriage is working its way forward. Approximately in the middle of the tunnel, the control center is being built with ventilation, electrical and connecting tunnels, as well as an exhaust shaft. A comprehensive construction project that benefits from the strength of the SÜLZLE Group. Even complex construction projects such as the Arlinger tunnel construction can be managed hand in hand.