Reduction of CO2 emissions

Roller shutter box expert installs carbon neutral steel


The company Coffrélite reacted positively to the proposal of SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION to install CO2-neutral steel with immediate effect. The products will therefore be able to save CO2 emissions from now on. Coffrélite, based in Lamotte-Beuvron, is a long-standing and loyal customer of SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION. It orders and installs around 300 tons of special mats/list mats every year. Specializing in roller shutter boxes, Coffrélite has been developing products that are increasingly resistant and efficient from a thermal and acoustic point of view since 1988. The boxes are molded from expanded polystyrene rigid foam and reinforced with a reinforcement cage. The boxes have the construction depth of the wall thickness and are installed directly in the wall under construction.