Future-proof through energy saving

Investment in new air compressor


SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION invested in a speed-controlled compressor from KAESER with an output of 200 kW. “As energy saving is very important to us at our site, we purchased a new compressor with a heat recovery system for the outdated one. With the state-of-the-art air station, we can significantly improve SOTRALENTZ CON-STRUCTION’s overall operational energy balance,” explains plant manager Olivier Schmitt. The new screw compressor converts 100% of the (electrical) drive energy supplied to it into thermal energy. Up to 96% of this energy can be recovered for heating purposes, for example.

Heating offices and production hall with warm exhaust air

In addition to the compressor, a 5,000-liter buffer tank was purchased. This is used to recover the heat given off by the compressor via an oil/water heat exchanger with a heating capacity of 170 kW. In the future, this will enable SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION not only to heat all offices and adjoining rooms, but also to dissipate the excess heat to the production hall via two combined heat and power units. This will reduce energy costs and at the same time protect the environment by avoiding unnecessary CO2 emissions.