France builds Super-Metro


Around 29.000 tons of segments for lines 14 South and 15 south

By 2030, the French capital plans to extend its famous underground network by 200 kilometers, mainly underground. “Grand Paris Express” is the name of this gigantic and largest infrastructure project in Europe, for which SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION is currently working on the tunnel orders for lines 14 South and 15 South. The new lines are sections of the future completely underground ring line, which will circle Paris ten kilometres outside the city limits. SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION will supply around 29.000 tons of segment reinforcement for this section of the line by the end of 2020.

This major construction site will extend beyond 2030, and the entire Paris area will be completed with the commissioning of lines 18 and 13 between Versailles and Saint Denis Pleyel. Construction of this section is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2030. The entire SOTRALENTZ CONSTRUCTION team is ready to accompany the various construction phases.