SOTRALENTZ Construction delivers reinforcement cages for the new Karlsruhe metro tunnel.

stade Velodrome Marseille

SOTRALENTZ Construction has contributed, in part, to the renovation of the new Stade Vélodrome football stadium.


Sotralentz Construction has supplied 200 tonnes of galvanized steel for the construction of the "3rd Abidjan bridge" project.

About SOTRALENTZ Construction

Spin-off from the metallurgy branch of the Group, SOTRALENTZ Construction is today one of the major players in the field of large size and customized welded meshes: welded meshes in stock or special, coils and bars, formwork panels, armature cages, voussoirs, etc.

Some figures:
150 employees
2 sites at Drulingen and Montchanin (France)

SOTRALENTZ Quality Policy

Since its creation, the company SOTRALENTZ Construction has cultivated the values of quality and know-how, which have been transmitted from generation to generation. This tradition has enabled it to develop a true quality policy within each subsidiary over the years.

ISO 9001 version 2015 certified, SOTRALENTZ Construction undertakes to respond with ever-increasing professionalism to its customers’ expectations.


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